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If you don’t find what you’re looking for below, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask any questions you may have.

WonderRaw is an industrial company that offers an online platform that facilitates on-demand production in the fashion industry, streamlining e-fashion (3D fashion) from point of sale to production. To this end, our team works on 3D models, helping brands create digitally realistic products that provide consumers with a superior interface experience. In this way, we are able to facilitate the fashion digitization process and, at the same time, make the business faster, more agile and sustainable.
Once the 3D is approved, our dedicated team will work to implement the on-demand production of your collection in the fastest and most cost-effective way, helping your brand to have maximum visibility and without having to worry about stocks.

If everything is defined (model, color, design to be printed, finishing, etc.) and ready to proceed with production, we will deliver your collection of personalized products in 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the degree of complexity of your order.

Personalization opens up a world of possibilities for your store, allowing customers to try out a variety of designs, finishes, colors and more, before any physical products are made.

The WonderRaw App is a simple, branded product customization interface that allows you to streamline the sale of your customizable products quickly.

You can see the prices of each of the three packs offered by WonderRaw here. In case your collection has details that do not fit in any of the mentioned packs, we suggest that you:

1 – Schedule a time to meet with our team: we will start by understanding your company’s needs and then guide you on how the platform will help you solve your problems.

2 – Scope of your project: after our initial contact, we will provide you with a brief checklist to learn more about your project, including how many items you are interested in purchasing, the type of visualization and made-to-order experience you want, your estimated schedule and budget, etc.

3 – We present you the best quote: we will schedule a price meeting to analyze the specifics of your budget and ensure that we meet all your project requirements. You will be able to see how expenses are broken down in detail and determine if you need to make any changes.

Once registered on the site, you can place an order. You can view the products you are interested in and add the desired quantity to the cart. After you have selected all the items you want, you must click on “Finalize Order”; A table will appear with the summary of the order so you can check if everything is correct. Checking that everything is in order, you should click on “Finalize Order” again and you will then be asked for some data, such as: if you want to pick up the order in our warehouse or if the order is to be sent by carrier, define the billing address and delivery address. delivery, indicate whether you intend to pay by bank transfer or by credit card, etc. When confirming the order, you will receive an email indicating that the order has been successfully received and that you will be contacted by us.

The freight cost of the order is not shown on the website, as it varies depending on the destination, size and weight of the order in its entirety. By default, our prices are EXWORKS, but if you want to know the amount to pay for the shipping of your order, you can contact us in advance by e-mail (

You can choose to pay for your order by bank transfer in advance or by Credit Card, and the production of your order will only be processed and planned after confirmation in the bank of the payment made.

Our opening hours are from 8 am to 6 pm. You will be able to pick up the order during that same time, and it is advisable to contact us in advance by email ( to confirm that your order is ready for pick up to avoid having to wait for its preparation. Still have questions? Still have questions?