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About Us

About Us

WonderRaw came about through the junction of two words – Wonder + Raw – that represents our main mission: to make it possible for the desire to do something new, unique and original (Wonder) to come true, from garments in their natural state (Raw), being able to transform and customize them.

We are located in the north of Portugal and we have a high level of know-how in the textile sector.

Sustainability, Responsibility

We are synonymous with sustainability, responsibility, and authenticity. We want to transform the perspective of the textile sector with a commitment to preserve our environment with an on-demand production base.
Knowing that the textile industry has a big impact on the global footprint, WonderRaw seeks to differentiate itself in the way it uses inputs, in the transport of goods and in logistics.


At WonderRaw we ensure fair, safe and ethical workplaces so that everyone can prosper. We value our people, their know-how, and team spirit.


To make it possible for artists to create and make available to the market a collection of casualwear that is customized and produced in a sustainable way.


To be the leading company in the creation, customization and rapid supply of differentiated, high-quality, and sustainably produced casualwear collections.

WonderRaw is for the creative, authentic and disruptive

WonderRaw is for the creative, authentic and disruptive